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Informative training sessions for employers

The first level of intervention is a training session and discussion opportunity. This session is aimed for employers, management and/or members of HR, having an interest in increasing knowledge about inclusion.

The sessions allow for a general understanding of what to expect when hiring persons with disability.

Topics discussed include:

  • Different types of disabilities
  • The benefits of hiring persons with disabilities
  • The local law including obligations and benefits
    Communication and etiquette
  • Discussion regarding concerns
  • Services available to assist companies in the recruitment of persons with disabilities
  • Practical teambuilding session


The training is free of charge and lasts only four hours thus it does not require a big commitment.
Training sessions take place at our training centre in Santa Venera. However, INK project team members understand the busy schedules of entities nowadays, which is why we can also schedule a date and time and deliver the training sessions at the entity’s offices!

A certificate of attendance will be given to each attendee.

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