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INK Partners & International Training Opportunity

The INK project also has two project partners:

  • Local partner: Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) as the regulator
  • International partner: KARE, a leading disability support organisation in Ireland with over 50 years experience in the sector.

International Training Opportunity

Through the partnership with KARE and other Irish stakeholders such as the National Disability Authority (NDA) and Enable Ireland, INK beneficiaries including employers, have the opportunity to participate in training sessions held in Dublin, aimed to facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practice within the field. Terms and conditions apply.

Employers will be provided with an opportunity to see first-hand how persons with disability can provide value to the workplace in various ways, including the work culture, by experiencing supported employment in Ireland. Employers will also have the opportunity to discuss both the benefits that persons with disability can bring to their organisation and challenges faced at the workplace, such as changes required to accommodate persons with disability into mainstream employment.

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