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INK Project details

In line with the vision of inclusion of persons with disability in all aspects of society, Aġenzija Sapport operates the INK Project, a person-focused inclusion project aimed at increasing the inclusion of persons with disability in the workforce.

The INK Project besides offering a programme for persons with disabilities, also recognises the need to create a holistic approach and offers training sessions to parents / guarduans of persons with disabilities, front-line professionals and well as a programme for employers to be able to support an inclusive environment when employing persons with disability.

How can the INK Project assist employers?

When offering support to persons with disability to find employment, one cannot address only the persons themselves without addressing employers, as they form a key part of the equation. INK understands the importance of supporting and preparing employers for such a hire, and thus caters for this in several ways.

  • Informative Training Sessions for Employers
  • Job Placements
  • Recruitment Facilitation
  • INK Certification

Employers have the choice of opting for either service individually or all combined.

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