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Job PlacementJob Placement

An essential component of the INK project is finding job placements for beneficiaries. The duration is for 20 hours per week for a period ranging from a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum of 20 weeks.

A job placement not only helps the person with disability experience work, it also provides the employer with a precious opportunity to understand what is required from their end, and similar to a probation period, one can use the job placement timeframe to see whether the role is suited well for both parties concerned.

Before enrolling in the INK Project, an assessment on each participant is carried out by the INK professionals, whereby their abilities and job interests are discovered. Thus, when the project’s team members meet potential employers having vacant positions, the Job Coaches are able to suggest participants who would be a likely match for the company.

Here, Job Coaches explain to the employer about the type of disabilities the recommended persons have, and indicate factors that could possibly help create an optimum work environment for the individual on his/her personal needs, thus increasing satisfaction and productivity.

Moreover, besides having continuous communication with the employer throughout, INK Job Mentors accompany the persons with disability on the job to help them until they become confident to carry out the work themselves and be independent. Therefore, any queries that may arise can be dealt with directly.

Furthermore, during this placement, the beneficiary is paid by the INK project, not the entity hosting the placement. Thus there is no financial obligation on the host entity.

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