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MEA- Survey IV: Business Performance during COVID-19

Deadline for survey is Wednesday 24th February.

Dear Meaindex follower, 
The Malta Employers' Association has carried out three surveys in year 2020, to analyse how the pandemic is affecting companies and employers in Malta.  Information obtained from its members has helped MEA to lobby more effectively in social dialogue fora.
Thus, once again, the MEA is doing another survey with the following objectives

  • To compare business performance during year 2020 and beginning of 2021
  • To collect information on redundancies and engagement of new employees
  • To examine employers' projections in the coming months
  • To obtain feedback about the effectiveness of existent financial schemes to business and to formulate proposals for 2021 

First of all I thank those companies who have already replied to our survey: Business Performance during COVID-19. This is the fourth survey that we have conducted since the outbreak of the pandemic and the results have been very instrumental in influencing government actions and policies. The survey is your collective message which enables the Association to lobby in your behalf, and the stronger the participation, the more forceful and effective will be our efforts. Our past surveys generated more than 300 responses from companies employing more than 40k employees, which is a good sample and representative of the Maltese business community. Since MEA is a multisectoral organisation, the results are segmented by major economic sectors, and we have organised webinars which are sector specific and which compare the situation in different economic sectors. The effectiveness of the survey is entirely up to you.
We have reached a critical stage in this pandemic, which can determine the survival or otherwise of many companies, depending on the dissemination of the vaccine, the  rhythm of domestic and international economic activity  and also the extent to which government will extend its support to industry. For this reason I urge you to take a few minutes to respond to the survey:

The closing date is tomorrow, and you will receive the report with results immediately after.

Joe Farrugia
Director General   

23/02/2021 MEA
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