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New Measures announced

These are the new/updated measures announced today Thursday 4th March, by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and Superintendent for Public Health Profs Charmaine Gauci during a Press Conference:

  • Restaurants, snack bars and kiosks will only be permitted to serve take-aways for this period
  • Restaurants inside hotels, accommodation and guest houses may only service residents in-house
  • Bars and nightclubs will continue to remain closed until 11th April.

Fines for breaching this regulation have increased from €3000 to €6000

  • All mass events are banned, except for weddings and religious services
  • Mass events of a commercial nature where current restrictions are not observed will also see fines increasing from €3000 to €6000
  • The measure introduced in February which limits the number of people to gather inside holiday accommodation in accordance with the number of bed spaces has been reintroduced
  • A maximum of 4 households will be permitted to mix inside private residences, with a €100 per person fine to be levied for non-observance for this measure
  • Contact sport for children younger than 16 has been banned
  • The COVID wage supplement is being extended to June 2021.

Restaurants, snack bars and kiosks will be transferred to Annex A to benefit from the full covid wage supplement

  • From Monday, a directive for public sector workers to work remotely will be introduced. Private sector is being urged to do the same.

The link to the press conference can be found here:


04/03/2021 mea
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