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Check-in with Yourself and Your Business

 Running a business while juggling various other aspects can be a challenge, which has increasingly been put to test over the past year. The constant changes with regulations have also required us to adapt and adjust more quickly.

It is normal to be feeling uncertain and anxious in such circumstances. Whatever type of business you are running, the pandemic has undoubtedly left an impact whether positive or negative.

Take our 5-minute FREE online survey, developed in collaboration with Business Doctors UK, to get a better understanding of your current feelings towards various aspects that make up your business, including:

  • You – your feelings as a business owner following the last 12 months?
  • Your Team – how is your team feeling?  
  • Your Business – the effects of the last 12 months on your business and outlook.
  • Your Marketplace – identifying new market opportunities and course of action.

You will receive a personalized score on each section and an overall Feel Good Factor % score together with information to help you with your next steps forward.

Take the survey here:

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