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webinar- The White Paper on Cannabis - implications for the workplace

Following the publishing of the White Paper entitled ‘Towards the Strengthening of the Legal Framework on the Responsible use of Cannabis’ issued in March 2021, MEA has called an MCESD meeting to kick- start a discussion on the implications of cannabis decriminalisation and the workplace. The first MCESD meeting was held yesterday 15th April 2021 with all social partners.

We would like to keep you informed, as employers, on what is being discussed and also to obtain feedback from your end. Therefore, we are creating a webinar with the attached Agenda, this coming Thursday 22nd April from 10.00-11.00am. During this webinar, Mr. Farrugia will deliver a presentation with recommendations that he presented at MCESD.  There will also be speakers from OHSA and Caritas Malta. Participants would be able to ask questions during the allocated time.

Kindly register on

Attached agenda

Here please find a copy of the White Paper 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

16/04/2021 mea
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