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Proposal for a National Data Strategy – Wider Consultations - 8th October 2021

The Government of Malta, through the assistance of MITA and under the guidance of the Ministry responsible for the Economy and the Data Governance Council within the Office of the Prime Minister, has in the previous months entered a period of consultations and specialised meetings with key stakeholders to discuss the proposals currently being drafted as part of the new National Data Strategy.

This strategy will form part of a suite of strategies currently being drafted which include Malta Digitali (Digital Malta), the Public Administration Strategy, and the Cyber Security Strategy, which follow other national strategies such as the Malta AI strategy, all of which contribute and, in some way, form part of the national evolution towards a Data Economy, a Digital Economy, and ultimately the achievement of a Digital Society.

The National Data Strategy is being formulated on the basis of a number of high-level objectives which all contribute towards the ultimate objective of Empowerment of the User, which also reflects and is aligned to the long-term vision. The User in this case being a Person, a Business or any other form of Organisational Unit, a Public Officer or any official role as part of the Public Service, the Public Sector, and all national entities and officially appointed statutory bodies.

The emphasis of this National Data Strategy is focused on the manner in which data is used, shared and reused with the ultimate aim of fostering a data-driven society. The implementation of this strategy is being planned to happen over a span of circa five years.

If you are interested to know more about these proposals and more importantly if you want to contribute with your ideas and suggestions, you are most welcome to join us in the planned online consultation session for Business, Academia, and the Public on October 8th between 10:00am and 12:00 (Noon).

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23/09/2021 mita
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