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An Interactive Online Course - 'Skills for Competitive Advantage'

Training Objective

 Competitive  advantage  is  the  ability  to  stay  ahead  of  a  present  situation  and  potential competition.  COVID  19  has  caused  world-wide  a  massive  shake-up  pushing  us  to  review strategies, look for possibilities and alternatives and is challenging us to band together. The objective   of   this   training   to   introduce   cutting-edge   skill   sets   to   help   participants   to successfully  recover  from  the  COVID-19  crisis,  expand  existing  skills  and  lift  themselves above competition at work.

Benefit of this training

Learning how to apply latest competitive advantage skills which will contribute to increase fair and ethical advancement in business and in the workplace.


Target Audience

 HR managers, team leaders, supervisors, product owners, marketing managers, CFOs, CEO, etc.


This training will provide tools to:

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of competitors

Improve your own performance to obtain an advantage

Explore individual value the participants can add to increase profits

Develop cross-sector leadership skills Internationalize interpersonal competencies Upscale strategies to deal with fluid probabilities

Develop a win-win mindset for growth, innovation and co-creation



A certificate of Attendance will be given to all participants who attend all sessions.


€128.50 per participant, covering 3 lectures.

Employers can apply for the Investing in Skills Scheme managed by Jobsplus. Course will be fully covered.



Limited places available, bookings on first come first served basis. Groups of 15 pax. only

Trainer 1: Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Maria-Gabriele is director and founder of ICC Inter-Cultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd.  She  holds  a  dual  master’s  degree  in  transcultural  counselling  and  community counselling  and  is  specialized  in  issues  pertaining  to  intercultural  adjustment  and  social  change.  She provides custom made, clear structured training programs for corporates, educational institutions and the voluntary sector on intercultural issues, community cohesion and building resilience in times of change.

Maria-Gabriele is working in collaboration with CORE Platform, since 2017. It all started with  the  EU  project  ‘Working  Roma’.  In  this  project,  Maria-Gabriele  focused  on  the  challenges  and opportunities related to the employment of migrants as well as of having a culturally diverse workforce. Following  this,  Maria-Gabriele  developed  the  training  programme  ‘Moving  Beyond  Integration:  Striving Towards  an  Inclusive  Workforce  in  Times  of  Change’  which  was  funded  by  the  MCVS.  The  focus  of  this project was on identifying needs and challenges, competitive advantages and strategic priorities, as well as looking at a vision for the future when it comes to functioning efficiently and forming an effective inclusive team.

‘Learn to Work Together: Cohesion Building Through Cooperation’ was the latest,  recently  concluded  project  by  Maria-Gabriele,  which  is  funded  by  the  VOPs.  Its  main  aim  was  to improve community cohesion by helping to bridge silos between a number of entities in Malta, including Voluntary Organisations, the business sector, and marginalised communities.

 Trainer 2: Corinne Fenech

Corinne Fenech is the founder and lead consultant and trainer at Her main area of

expertise  is  Innovation  with  focus  on  Employee  Development,  Customer  Experience  and  Sustainable Business.    Corinne  has  over  18  years’  experience  in  Operations  and  Strategy  Management  in  one  of Malta’s largest enterprises. She is also a Design Thinking Facilitator and works on enabling organisations to come  up  with  innovative  yet  feasible  solutions.   Corinne  holds  a  Diploma  in  Management  Studies,  an Executive MBA, and MA in Business Ethics from the University of Malta.   She is also researching for her PhD in Management with the University of Glasgow. When she is not working or studying, Corinne loves to travel and write about responsible and independent travel on her website


 CORE Platform

CORE Platform, which is under the patronage of His Excellency, the President of Malta, is a registered Voluntary

Organisation and is primarily made up of the business institutions in the country, with SOS Malta representing the Voluntary Sector. CORE Platform is also a member and national partner of CSR Europe, which is the largest CSR lobby group in Europe.

The main vision of the organisation is to promote, to debate, to raise awareness about and to disseminate the concepts of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility and to be a platform of exchange and mutual learning among members, its associates, civil society and other partners   at national and international levels. CORE Platform is an enabler and this is what it is trying to promote and encourage in our society and in businesses. We believe in CSR as we know how beneficial it is to the business and the community as a whole, however, we also believe that CSR is only real and effective if it is a holistic part of the organisation or business.


 Malta Employers' Association

 The Malta Employers' Association (MEA) is a constituted body which brings together employers from all sectors of  industry  and  commerce  in  Malta.  It  is,  in  effect,  the  association  of  employers,  formally  registered  as  such under the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (2002).

The principal purpose for which the Association was created was to represent employers and their needs at a national  and  global  level.  This  is  done  through  social  dialogue  with  other  social  partners,  government  and international bodies. Another important pillar of the Association is to educate the business community and keep abreast with the latest developments. This is done through the delivery of courses, info sessions and seminars, done in collaboration with experts in the field.

 The  Association  also  carries  a  number  of  research  assignments  from  time-to-time,  on  topics  related  to employment such as wage inflation, usage of sick leave, and family-friendly measures.


18/06/2020 MEA
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