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Leaflets published by the MCCAA targeted to consumers and traders

MCCAA Leaflets

A set of leaflets published by the MCCAA targeted to consumers and traders can be found online. The leaflets provide guidance on:

  • Lodging a consumer complaint;
  • Requesting a remedy when goods result faulty or do not conform to the original sales agreement;
  • Traders’ obligation to properly indicate prices on the goods offered for sale in shops and which type of products are exempted from the Price Indication Regulations;
  • Consumers’ rights at law as stipulated in the Consumer Affairs Act;
  • Consumers’ rights when purchasing a package holiday or linked travel arrangements; and
  • Air passenger rights for delayed or cancelled flights.

The Trust You Scheme leaflet provides information on a scheme that encourages and facilitates good and trustworthy relationships between consumers and traders. Local businesses are encouraged to enrol in this Scheme to inspire consumer confidence and to show their commitment to provide consumers with good quality products and services. The Trust You Scheme is free of charge and open to both large and small enterprises willing to commit themselves to conform to their legal obligations and to comply with the Scheme’s code of conduct.

Leaflets and information about the Trust You Scheme can be accessed online through:


16/07/2020 MCCAA
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