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The €20 blue voucher can already be used in the arts and culture sectors

Whilst the government recognises the positive feedback from various economic sectors with regards to the €100 voucher initiative aimed at regenerating economic activity for everyone; all recommendations put forward with regard to this measure are being noted.

 The aim is that measures of this kind are intrinsically created to aid various sectors in order to regenerate the economy to ensure the protection of jobs, self-employed persons, as well as the work carried out within the arts and culture sector.

In reference to the call made by the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association should a new set of vouchers be issued, requesting for these to be used for activities related to arts and culture, this ministry would like to specify that the €20 blue voucher issued as part of this first initiative can already be redeemed at businesses related to the arts, culture and the education sectors as explained below:


Photographic activities


Other education n.e.c.


Other personal services


Other personal service activities n.e.c.


Cultural education


Performing arts


Support activities to performing arts


Artistic creation


Operation of arts facilities


Activities of amusement parks and theme parks


Other amusement and recreation activities


Other retail sale not in stores stalls or markets

Those economic activities which fall under the above-mentioned NACE codes are eligible to receive the blue voucher. Moreover, through this press release, it is being re-confirmed that in July, all businesses registered under these NACE codes were sent letters via registered post in order to activate their 'Business Account' to use the vouchers' digital app in order to be able to receive the said vouchers.

Moreover, the ministry would like to remark that it took note of all recommendations by the mentioned association, and that more viable measures are being considered for the arts and entertainment sectors. 

18/09/2020 meib
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