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Malta Customs - official website- BREXIT

The attention of all economic operators and the general public is being drawn on the relocation and rearrangement of all information related to BREXIT on the Customs website.

A new tab, entitled ‘Brexit’, has been created within the menu bar. This incorporates four sub-menu tabs with the following titles:

  • What does BREXIT mean for my business?;
  • BREXIT for Business – the transition period;
  • How to get ready for the end of the transition period; and
  • Notices by the Customs Department.

The changes in the website have been undertaken to make all information related to Brexit more prominent and easier to access.

All economic operators and the general public are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the relevant information associated with BREXIT within the Customs website for their knowledge on the subject and to be able to address any queries that they may have.





13/11/2020 Customs
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