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FREE training session on ‘Disability, Equality and Recruitment’

Once again, the MEA is supporting Agenzija Sapport in hosting a FREE training session on ‘Disability, Equality and Recruitment’. Members that have already attending sessions held in September 2019 and October 2020, do not need to re-apply as these are repeat sessions.

The training session is designed to introduce employers, management and/or members of HR Departments with an interest in increasing knowledge about inclusion, to the possibility of employing and working alongside persons with disabilities.

You can choose to attend on either:

  • Tuesday 9th February from 09:00 – 13:00 or
  • Wednesday 17th February from 13:00 – 17:00

Register HERE:


Topics discussed will include:

  • Different types of disabilities
  • The benefits of hiring persons with disabilities
  • The local law, including obligations and benefits
  • Communication and etiquette
  • Discussion regarding employers’ concerns
  • Services available to assist companies in the recruitment of persons with disabilities
  • Practical teambuilding session

The interactive session will be delivered by Prisms Malta.

A certificate of attendance will be given to each attendee.

Please note that taking part in this training does not oblige your entity to employ persons with disabilities. However, should you be interested in offering job placements and/or employment, INK professionals will be available to guide you through the process. Agenzija Sapport operates the INK Project, an EU co-funded project under the European Social Fund 2014 – 2020, aimed at increasing the inclusion of persons with disability in the workforce.

Note: Being an EU co-funded project, participants will be required to fill in Annex 1 – Data on Participants form. Personal data will under no circumstances be made public.


12/01/2021 MEA
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