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2018 European SME Assembly

For the 4th consecutive year, MEA at the European SME Assembly.

Anton Vella heading the SME Helpdesk within the Malta Employers’ Association, once again was invited to attend for the European SME Assembly, organised by the European Commission in Gratz –Austria.

More than 600 delegates from various European Countries were all present under one roof, discussing the way forward on various topics related to the SMEs sector.

Besides attending a number of presentations, discussion sessions, and debates, Mr. Vella also accepted the invitation to conduct a workshop during the session:

Innovative Europe – what actions must we take to help innovation flourish in Europe’s SMEs?

On behalf of the Malta Employers’ Association, Mr Vella promoted the concept of a digital single point of reference to local business ecosystems. Based his arguments on the pilot project lead by MEA’s SME Helpdesk- the MEAINDEX initiative (;) , launched in Malta just a few months ago.

Together with other Maltese representatives, within the Malta Strong Delegation, Mr Vella also attended the European Promotion Awards Ceremony, and was present for the Announcement of the 2018 Essay Competition Winner.

10/12/2018 MEA
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