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Disability Inclusion Training

It was in November 2018 when Amy Camilleri Zahra and Roberta Lepre came together to address the topic of inclusion of persons with disabilities within the iGaming industry.  In a heart-warming side-panel discussion held as part of the Women in Gaming conference during Sigma 2019, the two well-known activists touched upon the various ways that persons with disabilities are often excluded due to a lack of awareness about certain issues and a dearth of information on how to make things better for everyone.

 The two speakers – firm believers in the power of collaboration - thoroughly enjoyed working together on this initiative, and agreed to take things further.  This is where the idea for the rolling out of an informative and practical workshop on inclusion of persons with disabilities at the place of work came about. Building on the strengths and experience of both trainers, the workshop will be delving into the theoretical and legal aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion; and moving on to practical exercises which will guide participants on how to create more inclusive workplaces.

 In a recent study carried out by the Malta Employers Association it emerged that ‘Employers feel they need more information when it comes to recruiting people with disabilities’. This workshop is intended to equip participants with this knowledge.  From a broader perspective, the provision of equality and inclusion training is a key way for companies to fulfil their corporate social responsibility. On a more personal and human level, it is a tangible way through which to contribute something good to society, whilst implementing measures which ultimately make good business sense –after all, good things come to those who do good!

 For further information about this workshop and access to funding to cover the costs of participation, visit or send an email to info@weaveconsulting. eu

11/04/2019 WEAVE CONSULTING - The CSR Specialists
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