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En Route to Change initiative

En route to change is a series of discussions and the sharing of ideas between all stakeholders in the  transport industry.

On 14th September 2022, the Foundation for Transport held the first Stakeholders Meeting of the series to ensure that 2030 targets, such as having 65,000 EVs in circulation in Malta and Gozo, are reached. This target requires an open debate about end-of life usage, re-usage and recycling of batteries for electric cars too. In fact, this is the subject that has been discussed in the first Stakeholders Meeting. The Foundation is planning to organise other meetings to obtain feedback about the challenges, and opportunities and the changes we need to set into motion.

The main mission of the Foundation for Transport is to assist the private industry to gear up for change. Challenges exist and during these discussions we will work towards finding solutions to turn challenges into opportunities.

Any company who would like to provide feedback on the subject we are currently discussing can either email to [email protected] or call +356 2559 4117


20/09/2022 foundation for transport
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