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Malta Innovation Summit #CHANGEMAKERS

9th - 11th October 2019 – 3rd edition


Join us on the week of the 11th October for the 3rd edition of CHANGEMAKERS - Malta Innovation Summit.

Take this opportunity to fly to Malta and experience this gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

500+ business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs , policy makers, startup founders, and researchers meet to network, learn and share innovation best practices.

Join this celebration of today’s innovators and this quest to explore tomorrow’s possibilities to shape and unlock our future and that of our organisations.  

Take some time out of the office, away from your daily routine. Get inspired in seeking new ideas on how to drive change and solve complex problems. 

Connect and collaborate with like-minded people, in similar roles, chasing similar objectives, facing similar challenges – folks you wish you had more of at your company, and in your life. 

Connect to the thought leaders that are driving the next waves of disruptive change.  

We have a whole week of innovation events planned out for you - starting Oct 9th and finishing with the big day at the Hilton Malta on Friday 11th October where a TRIBE of 500+ thinkers and doers come together to boost their innovation capabilities with the aim of future-proofing their businesses and their lives.

We have an open, inclusive and impactful agenda where attendees participate in a full day of expert international keynote speakers, presentations, expert panels, workshops, masterclasses and networking opportunities.

Agenda Includes

-        InnoChallenge, a startup pitching competition where innovative startups are given the possibility to pitch in front of a set of judges, investors and all the MIS2019 attendees

-      Masterclasses - a set of masterclasses will be held in the afternoon of the 11th October touching topics like The Future Of Work, Digital Health, The Future Of Money & Payments, Blockchain Usecases, Ethics in AI, Circular Economy, Smart Cities and Social Innovation.

-       Mini-Conferences & Satellite Events - on the 10th October a set of mini-conferences will be held together with our partners about e-mobility, startups, social innovation and other topics.  

-        Hackathon – on the 9th October at 19:00, in collaboration with JAYE, an innovation hackathon will be held.

-        Networking Dinner – on the 10th October the MIS2019 speakers, sponsors, distinguished guests and VIP ticket holders meet for a networking dinner.

Topics Discussed : digital transformation,  intrapreneurship, research, entrepreneurship, startups, design thinking, co-creating with clients, funding innovation, blockchain, crowdsourcing of ideas,  impact innovation and many more. 


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