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MEAINDEX - the online portal for business entrepreneurs - THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH


On Tuesday the 19th of June 2018, The Malta Employers’ Association launched the MEAINDEX initiative, at the St. James Cavalier.

This initiative is being led by the MEA and supported by the Malta Communications Authority, with the the full collaboration of the Office for the Commissioner for Simplification within the Office of the Prime Minister. Other main collaborative partners so far include: MCAST, MCCAA, BUSINESS FIRST, JOBSPLUS, SERVIZZ.GOV, The Ministry of Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, and the Family Business Office.

MEAINDEX is an online platform comprising a comprehensive directory of all the entities forming part of the business ecosystem - Government and non-Government, other regulatory bodies, departments, NGOs, Associations, and much more. So far, MEAINDEX includes contacts, details and links of more than 173 different entities.

The press launch hosted by Quinton Scerri, the MEA President, Ms Dolores Sammut Bonnici stated that this is a very important occasion and another milestone, not only for the Association, but also for its members. She added that although a certain level of bureaucracy is necessary, MEAINDEX will facilitate navigation through bureaucratic procedures within governmental departments and entities. She also mentioned the recognition the MEA received at European level, with special reference to the awards conferred by the European Commission in 2015 and 2017.

Ms Sammut Bonnici ended her address by showing her appreciation towards the collaboration between the public and private sectors.  She augured for more synergy to improve Malta’s competitiveness as a means to more efficiency.

Ms Denise Borda, on behalf of the Malta Communications Authority, expressed the Authority’s satisfaction on joining forces with the MEA on this project. Such collaborative efforts are a clear example of how Government can team up with local associations and be of service to the local business community.

Over the years, the MCA has worked hard to ensure a thriving communications- enabled environment to further enhance the competitiveness of the island, in today’s ever connected world.

MCA’s involvement with MEAINDEX ties in perfectly with the strategic plan for e-Commerce, and strongly believes that this is going to be an important tool for both potential and existing entrepreneurs.

Hon. Rosianne Cutajar, Commissioner for Simplification within the Office of the Prime Minister, said that she proudly supports initiatives that target to simplify any unnecessary bureaucracy.  She referred to the Government’s commitment and reiterated the importance of increasing efficiency and facilitating administrative procedures by reducing bureaucracy in government procedures and easing access to information for local and foreign investment. In the last five years, there has been major positive changes. 

She sustained that it was a great pleasure for her to be part of the launch of MEAINDEX, an initiative led by an established association, the MEA, whose aim is to offer various educational and mentoring services, for the commercial and foreign community of our country.

During the launch, the MEA presented a preview of the promotional material that it intends to use as part of the MEAINDEX promotion on all the social media.

Mr. Anton Vella thanked all those who believed in this project from inception two and a half years ago. He said that this launch marked birth of a flagship initiative of the MEA, and emphasised the importance of the ongoing support of the main collaborative partners, Government entities, and other stakeholders, to keep this initiative valid..

He added that this is not a one-stop shop, but a single point of reference for students dreaming to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, for start-ups  working on up-scaling their business  and SMEs who intend to continue investing in their future.

MEAINDEX, also comprises a think tank and checklist section, two useful items for all potential entrepreneurs. Complimenting this, MEAINDEX offers space to all those entities who would like to promote their services, educational campaigns, and incentives towards the business community.

Mr Vella appealed to all those who will be visiting the for the first time to subscribe for free, to be able to be kept updated and adjourned about developments within the local business ecosystem. 

Following this, Ms Sara Caruana, director of a childcare centre in Malta, shared her experience with those present about her struggles due to a high level of bureaucracy and lack of information whilst opening her business. In addition, she welcomed this initiative and said that MEAINDEX is going to be a useful tool in the hands of all young students aspiring to be their own boss in the near future.

Mr. Jesmond Saliba, another young established entrepreneur, also commended this initiative as it aggregates and catalogues all the relevant sources of information which an entrepreneur requires. He believes that information is crucial for any entrepreneur at all stages of the business cycle.and thatin order to be innovative, one needs to keep abreast with information, incentives and schemes. In the business world, time is money and aggregating information in one source helps increase efficiency.

Mr. Farrugia, Director General of MEA, in his conclusive remarks, said that MEAINDEX is a continuation of the list of services that the MEA offers its members and businesses in general. This initiative is in-line with other initiatives of the MEA, including the MEA TV programmes aired on the National TV Station, the Maltese Business Story initiative that was launched last year and the HR Handbook which guides entrepreneurs in employer-employee relations.  

MEAINDEX is now live and can be accessed at:  

21/06/2018 MEA
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