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See what other employers had to say

See what other employers had to say:

  • A beneficiary of the INK project, administered by Aġenzija Sapport has been employed with Valhmor Borg Import/Export Limited following the period of job placement offered by INK.  His employment is that of a Labourer/Food Packer in the Production Plant.  Thanks to the INK Project, he is performing well and he has fully integrated with his colleagues at place of work.  During his placement the beneficiary was regularly being supported by the INK Project’s team at the place of work, and currently the job coaches have remained in touch providing us with feedback when necessary.

Patrick Zammit, Financial Controller
Valhmor Borg Imp. / Exp. Ltd.

  • As a Company, we support the inclusion in society of persons with disabilities, and when contacted by Agenzija Sapport, we did not hesitate to help.
    It was necessary for myself to be guided by the job coaches, which I then passed over to my employees. Although disabled, the INK beneficiary who we have employed has his abilities. Today I do not think of him as a person with a disability but as part of the team.

David Aquilina - Chairman
Iceland Supermarkets

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