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“MEA” TV Programme –

For the fifth consecutive year on TVM2 and TVM


The Malta Employers’ Association, for the fifth consecutive time, are being given another opportunity to produce and transmit another series of 26 informative programmes MEA, focusing on subjects related to social dialogue, employment and management at the place of work.

Following the already produced, and transmitted 126 programmes, now Cynthia Zerafa will be once again conducting further interesting TV programmes on topics related to technology, human resources, communication, and industrial relations.

Various business experts are being approached to participate, discuss and share with us their experiences at the place of work.

This informative programme will increase awareness about important labour market and economic issues in general. Each subject will be tackled objectively with views from different angles. This will be done with the help of speakers coming from various sectors of society including unions, employers, leading economists and government officials. Between October 2013 and March 2018, MEA will have produced 128 programmes featuring more than a 350 different speakers, many of whom are experts in areas of employment and social policy. Every programme will be very rich in content, and the visual director will move towards the concept of infotainment. Apart from being informative the show will be entertaining, using footage and animated graphics edited creatively to music. We intend to retain the same concept, but with innovative improvements in visual production, set design, footage and shooting locations. A good section of the viewing public is aware of the programme and perceive it as being educational, objective where sensitive subjects are discussed in a frank and non-confrontational manner. 

MEA tv programme, is now being aired every Friday on TVM2 at 6.30pm, with two  other repetitions that will follow, on Saturdays at 7.30pm on TVM2 , and Tuesdays at 9.00am on TVM.

For further information, one can contact us on; or

Archive of all programmes produced and aired so far can be found on;




27/09/2018 MEA
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