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General Knowledge and Contacts

It is of extreme importance that an enterpreneur will be always well knowledgeable on both local SMEs and European structures which assist the SMEs sector. It is also wise to keep monitoring local Business Statistics.

Within this section one can alo access a comprehensive list of all recruitment agencies, and other useful information.

Business is a living process. An entrepreneur must keep in touch on a regular basis with various Government Entities and other business related organisations. In certain circumstances, one might also require assistance or specific information. There might be situations when an entrepreneur need to clarify a query or update something to comply with some changes in legislation, therefore it's recommended to keep handy these contact details here-under listed.

MEAINDeX has also created a comprehensive list of all existing business registers which currently can be found online. These can be helpful for all those who would like to know what is happening in the market, who your direct competitors in business might be, and what is missing. 

Refer to this contact section whenever you might need and also keep on the look-out for updates and possible changes.

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