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COVID-19 Swabbing for Employees

The Health Authorities have opened up the swabbing test for the availability of people who are asymptomatic yet would still like to establish whether they may be carrying the virus or not.  This is of importance especially to those who are still coming into contact with other individuals. Employers are urged to bring this to the attention of their employees. 

Anybody who is interested in having the test done is asked to contact 111 for an appointment for swabbing to be booked.  Should an employer have more than 100 employees who are interested in being swabbed the Department for Policy in Health COVID-19 Response Team may consider offering to send a team to test on-site if that is feasible. Anyone wishing further information may contact Dr. Liliana Cuschieri at, or call the COVID-19 response team on 23266138.

10/05/2020 MEA
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