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Webinar- How to bridge the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector

In follow up to the Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta carried out earlier this year, and part of the “Women in ICT Events” initiative sponsored by eSkills Malta Foundation, Ascend Consulting and AnnaliseDuca are organising a series of webinars focused on practical insights & guidance on how to bridge the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector at various stages along the professional life-cycle.

We believe that some of these webinars, particularly the 2nd and 4th of the webinars highlighted below, would be of interest to your HR staff and female employees in general. We would thus invite you to please share this email with them, and join in for any of the webinars of interest.

The webinars will be structured as an open discussion between participants. This will be driven by the personal insights of women having significant experience in the specific area in focus (e.g. ICT education & training, recruiting for the sector, career advancement or entrepreneurship in the Digital Sector), as well as key findings from the recent “Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta".

The webinars are free of charge and those interested can participate in one or more of the 4 sessions in the series. Nevertheless, to allow for a most inclusive and participative discussion, the number of participants accepted in each webinar is limited to 15. For more information and to register, kindly follow the embedded links above
23/10/2020 anamaria
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