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Foundation for Transport launched

MEA Today proudly joined the newly established Foundation for Transport as one of the co-founders.
MEA current President, Ms. Dolores Sammut Bonnici signed the Foundation deed on behalf of the Malta Employers' Association during an event held at San Anton Palace, under the patronage of the President of Malta, his Ecc. Dr. George Vella.
One can follow the whole event here:

Press release : 

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg was invited for the launch of the Foundation for Transport in the presence of the President of Malta George Vella.

The transport sector is and will continue to experience challenges with regard to the skills and competences required. Therefore, it was thought out that a foundation had to be created. The foundation is being established to work with various stakeholders to reskill and upskill the current and future employees of this sector, in particular due to the fast-approaching 2030 objectives and longer-term 2050 strategies for the adoption of greener modes of transport. 

In his speech, President Vella noted with satisfaction an element of holistic and mature vision with which the future and the desired improvements in the transport sector are being addressed, as a new cooperation between directly involved entities has been established. The President appealed to prioritise the safeguarding of the natural environment in all our actions, and explained how the nation should also continue to do everything possible to minimise pollution on our land, in the air and in our seas. Above all, the President said that everyone should keep in mind the obligation we have as guardians of the natural heritage we have inherited in order to leave our country in a sustainable, clean and above all healthier state.

The Foundation for Transport intends to reach all possible modes of transport. This will offer various objectives and room for improvement including promoting, organising, developing and facilitating innovative services as well as creating training courses in the transport industry. Through this, there will be improvements and developments in the skills of both workers and stakeholders and the public with the aim of improving the transport industry in Malta and Gozo. It is also worth mentioning that this foundation will be ensuring that the activities always comply with the regulations and strategies of the Government and the Minister responsible for transport.

Minister Ian Borg said that, “It is very important that now, more than ever, we start embracing and practicing this philosophy in order to benefit from more sustainable transport. During these difficult times, I think we realised more than ever how important, even more so essential, the transport sector is for our country. It was a pillar like always that contributed and aided our country to continue operate as normal despite this pandemic and its aftermath. Thanks to this foundation we will be improving the transport sector and will be encouraging the public to take the initiative, show interest in this foundation, be key players and further imbue that sense of intermodality so that they recognise that yes, there are other modes of transport besides the private car.”

Another purpose of this foundation is to create a system of networking between the Maltese transport industry and Maltese transport industry employees and key players and similar industries and groups based outside Malta. The foundation will make sure to establish, undertake, execute, manage and assist institutions or organisations in any legal form for the achievement of the same or complimentary purposes or aims. Furthermore, it will promote the publication of periodicals and other papers of professional interest and importance with particular focus on the transport industry.


30/11/2020 malta transport authority
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