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VAT Returns - New procedures

During October 2018, the Department will be notifying Companies and Sole Proprietors that employ 10 or more employees, that this will be that last time they will be receiving the VAT return by post.

Taxpayers will be notified with a letter that will be enclosed with the VAT return that will cover July to September 2018 and has a due by date 15 November 2018.  They will also be informed that the next VAT return, October to December 2018 and has a due by date 15 February 2019, has to be filled in using  the VAT electronic services. The Department notifies taxpayers that they can send the VAT return that they will be receiving by post for the last time, in paper format.

This process will be continued in the coming months where more Companies and Sole Proprietors that employ 10 or more employees, will be notified with a view that within months all of the above mentioned are to send the VAT return online.

It is important that one has the eid. If not, one has to obtain it since without the eid no access to the VAT Online Services will be available.  For more information regarding the eid you may wish to visit the electronic site:;

You need to file an application for this service with the department by means of the CFR03 form which may be downloaded from our website. You may also authorise a tax practitioner to submit the documents on your behalf by using the CFR02 form, which may also be downloaded from VAT website.

04/10/2018 VAT
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