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European Commission launches visionary 3D “Voice your Vision” platform during the European Year of Youth 2022


New innovative digital platform

When President Ursula von der Leyen announced the European Year of Youth for 2022, she wanted Europe to listen carefully to its young people, to better shape the Union in their mould. The European Commission has therefore launched a brand-new 3D digital “Voice your Vision” Platform as a central component of the European Year of Youth: an interactive platform in which young Europeans can record their personal and unique message. 

The objective of “Voice your Vision” is to empower young Europeans, from all backgrounds and corners of the continent, to voice their own vision of the future – ranging from issues of employment, inclusion, peace and security, to climate change, education, mental health, and more.

In the wake of the global pandemic and faced with the ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, young people’s voices are becoming ever more relevant. To this end, “Voice your Vision” functions as a cutting edge, interactive voices space that literally gives people the opportunity to unmute and record their very own, personalised message, and share their opinions and ideas about the topics they find most relevant. 

The platform has been developed to cater to any message, in all EU official languages (plus Norwegian, Turkish, Serbian, North Macedonian and Icelandic). Once added, each voice generates its own, unique 3D waveform interacting with every other recording on the platform – and enables everyone to listen to any voice, in any language, on any device at any moment.

In EU Youth Commissioner Mariya Gabriel’s words, “’Voice your Vision’ is personified through a young, meaningful, dynamic, and open spirit of co-creation defined through the Year of Youth. One that also functions as a timely enabler for Europe’s Youth to show-up, speak-up and share their concerns and ideas about the future. ’Voice your Vision’ could not have come at a more relevant time for all youngsters, not only as European citizens - but also as members of a society that is now, more than ever, experiencing testing times.”

On the importance of the 2022 European Year of Youth itself, Commissioner Gabriel added: “We ask all young people to get involved and engage now. Their voices are a vital component of Europe’s journey to growth, knowledge, innovation, opportunity and better, more relevant youth-oriented solutions. We will listen attentively and ensure that Youth policies can be developed in more open and collaborative spaces, and that all voices are listened to and addressed this year and beyond.” As a key part of the European Year of Youth campaign Member States are contributing nationally and locally to promote young people’s engagement in many different activities.

In Malta more than 60 activities have already been organised under the European Year of Youth, and according to Agenzija Zghazagh, the national coordinator of the European Year of Youth in Malta, further activities are foreseen in the upcoming months. The Year was officially launched in March by Agenzija Zghazagh during a conference for youth organisations. A follow up conference will be held in June. This year also saw the launching of a special funding scheme ‘EYY22 – Rewarding Quality’ to recognise the work with and for young people. The Malta Youth Film Festival, Idearti and Young Composers are some of the upcoming events, creating spaces for the empowerment of young creatives.

The new Voice your Vision platform will transition into these activities and will also perform as a central characteristic of the European Year of Youth’s Legacy, beyond 2022 – with young people’s voices acting as a driver of change and co-developer of future policy.

About the European Year of Youth 2022

The European Year of Youth 2022 was launched by the European Commission as “a year dedicated to empowering those who have dedicated so much to others”, as announced by President von der Leyen in the State of the Union Address in 2021. It is therefore a year fully dedicated to youth, aiming to empower, encourage and enrich them with new opportunities and new ways of participating and taking an active citizenship role in society.

As an overall goal, the European Year of Youth aims to encourage all young people to make their voices heard, and to participate by sharing their vision on the Year’s key topics[1], as well as their hopes for the future of Europe. Also, the Year aims to provide visibility and promote European values whilst spreading messages of solidarity across youth audiences, as well as supporting Ukraine through all kind of activities.

At the same time, the European Year of Youth is represented by a spirit of co-creation and multiple participation, to which hundreds of youth organisations and stakeholders are actively contributing. This translates into many national and local activations – more than 1650 activities all over Europe are already uploaded in the European Year of Youth website – bringing young people together to engage in the Year in a positive and relevant way.


More information at and  What is the European Year of Youth? | European Youth Portal (


Official hashtags: #EYY2022 and #EuropeanYearOfYouth


Follow the European Year of Youth on social media: Instagram: @european_youth_eu Facebook: @EuropeanYouthEU Twitter: @EuropeanYouthEU


[1] European Year of Youth key topics: European Learning Mobility; Employment and Inclusion; Policy dialogues and participation; Green; Digital; Culture; Health, well-being and sports; Youth and the World; EU values and democracy.

10/05/2022 eu
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