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Workshop on Sustainable Workplaces

Workshop on Sustainable Work Places

MEA organised a workshop on sustainable work places delivered by Dr Roberta Lepre’.

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility, that is, an organisation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for its effects on social and environmental well-being. The term applies to efforts that go beyond what is required by regulators or relevant lobby groups.

This workshop delved into ways in which, through the introduction of effective CSR measures and initiatives, companies can become more in tune with modern demands while enjoying numerous benefits such as cost reductions, increased employee retention, higher productivity, improved brand visibility, and ultimately making the organisation operate more sustainably.

Amongst the topics discussed there were:

  • Benefits of companies embracing CSR
  • ISO 26000: 2010, Guidance on Social Responsibility: An Overview
  • And how can companies enhance their CSR efforts?

MEA intend to organise other workshops in the near future. Should anyone need to get more information, contact;


16/05/2019 MEA
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