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5-Year Collaborative Agreement between MEAINDEX and Agenzija Sapport

On Monday 16th September 2019, a five year collaborative partner agreement has been signed between Agenzija SAPPORT and the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA), as part of the MEAINDEX.

The aim of this agreement is to have stronger synergies between Agenzija Sapport, business firms and people with disabilities.

Agenzija Sapport’s CEO Mr Joseph Cini stated that with this agreement, they will be present on MEAINDEX platform to ensure more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Moreover, Agenzija Sapport will also be supporting employers by providing information on how to tackle day-to-day management when working with persons with disability. 

MEA Director General Mr Joseph Farrugia stated that a large number of companies are already employing persons with disabilities and reaching the quota of 2%. However, this agreement will continue to encourage this further, as MEA members will be receiving guidance on how to facilitate employment of persons with disability.

Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis declared that the government fully supports this agreement, and encourages the two entities to keep assisting persons with disabilities to engage in further employment opportunities. “The employment rate of persons with disabilities has increased, as 728 people where employed between December 2016 and Decemeber 2018”, Agius Decelis stated.

Following the signing of the agreement, MEA has already hosted two training sessions for employers as part of the INK Project, an EU co-funded project under the European Social Fund 2014 – 2020, aimed at increasing the inclusion of persons with disability in the workforce. The training course is designed to introduce employers, management and/or members of HR Departments with an interest in increasing knowledge about inclusion, to the possibility of employing and working alongside persons with disabilities. 

A TV Programme about the INK Project has also been recorded and will be aired in the upcoming weeks as part of the new season of MEA TV Programme.

27/09/2019 MEA
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