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MEA TV Programme - for the seventh consecutive year on TVM and TVM2

This is going to be the 15th and 16th season of MEA TV Programme aired on our National TV Stations. 

This programme’s objective is to increase awareness about labour market and economic issues. Each subject will be tackled objectively with views from different angles with the help of speakers from various sectors of society including unions, employers, leading economists and government officials.

Between October 2013 and March 2020, MEA already produced 180 programmes featuring more than 500 guest experts.  Every programme will be rich in content, and the visual director will continue moving towards the concept of infotainment.

The programme will be aired four times a week, and kick of on October 1st 2020. 

PBS already scheduled this programme to be aired as follows:

  • every Thursday on TVM2 at 7.00pm
  • the following Sunday on TVM at 8.00am
  • then on Monday on TVM2 at 5.00pm
  • and last airing on Tuesday on TVM at 11.00pm 


All past 180 programmes aired on the tv so far, are available online here

or :;

17/09/2020 MEA
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