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Employers will have easier access to simplified information about the recruitment of foreign workers

A collaboration agreement between Identity Malta Agency and the Malta Employers' Association will result in employers and businesses in Malta being provided with simplified information and kept updated on any changes related to the Residence Permits processes and other documents in the recruitment process of foreign workers from both EU and non-EU countries.

Identity Malta Agency’s Chief Executive Officer Colonel Mark Mallia and President of the Malta Employers' Association Ms Joanne Bondin signed a collaboration agreement at an event held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, allowing Identity Malta to provide up-to-date information on the processes related to Residence Permits. As a result of this agreement, employers will have access to simplified and relevant information on the digital platform, which is meant to guide employers. The Malta Employers' Association will keep its members up to date on changes in processes connected to the hiring of foreign workers, and this information will be easily accessible.

This agreement is part of the Agency's and the Association's joint effort to make simplified information on the processes associated with residence permits, available to the association's members.

During this same event, Identity Malta Agency officials detailed the rigorous processes of applying for residence permits. Thanks to a new flowchart, the employer will have clear guidelines to understand precisely what is required at each stage of the application process, the documents that must be submitted, the waiting period while the required application is being assessed, and which criteria are expected to be observed to speed up the application process.

Colonel Mark Mallia, CEO of Identity Malta Agency, emphasised that with this agreement, the agency and the organisation are continuing to work together to streamline processes for all organisations. Additionally, he described how the agency regularly meets with various social partners to listen to these stakeholders’ opinions. Colonel Mallia reaffirmed the agency's dedication to providing businesses and employers with effective and secure ways to hire foreign workers while also preserving the security of our nation and the integrity of Malta's immigration system.

Joseph Farrugia, Director General of the Malta Employers' Association, declared that MEA made various suggestions in November of last year. Among various other suggestions, the MEA urged the Government to enhance regulatory organisations, so they can better meet the demand with greater effectiveness.

The President of the Malta Employers' Association, Joanne Bondin, stated that by signing this agreement, MEA is committing to continuing to serve as a bridge between employers and regulatory institutions, so that together they can continue to offer our country a competitive market in an increasingly dynamic economy that is presenting unprecedented challenges.

"Whether we agree or not, the country has reached a point where the country is unable to operate without importing foreign workers. It is the responsibility of all social partners to cooperate and work together to recognise and achieve the required balance in having both Maltese and foreign workers in the local labour market,” Ms Bondin concluded.

Link to flowchart -

Presentation delivered by Identity Malta Agency Officials Dr Tania Brown (Chief Policy & Strategy Officer) and Jean-Claude Attard (Unit Coordinator – Central Visa Unit)

Presentation delivered by Col. Claudio Spiteri, Head of Compliance Unit

News coverage footage and 3 audio done at the end of an event


05/05/2023 MEA
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