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Employment Termination of a Third-Country-National

Whenever the employment of a third countrynational is terminated, the EMPLOYER:
  • is obliged by law to submit a Termination Form to Jobsplus within four (4) days of the termination date; &
  • must inform the Expatriates Unit within four (4) days of the termination date:
?? by sending an email to: [email protected]; or
?? submitting an online termination in accordance with the User Manual section - How to submit a Withdrawal or Revocation Request;
Should for some reason the employer resist issuing a termination when the employee has already been terminated, the employee should submit a signed declaration to: [email protected].
The EMPLOYER is obliged to:
  • inform Identity Malta Agency of this termination by sending an email to: [email protected]; &
  • return his/her residence card to Identity Malta Agency, Valley Road, Msida.
29/05/2023 Identity Malta Agency
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