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Malta Development Bank unveils new website showcasing schemes and opportunities

4th September 2023

The Malta Development has launched its newly designed website, accessible on The revamped website offers a comprehensive platform highlighting the bank's various financial instruments and initiatives, catering to a wide array of beneficiaries including large and small enterprises, self-employed and students.

The website serves as an interactive hub, presenting a range of initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth, supporting innovation, digitalisation and environmental sustainability. With an emphasis on user-friendliness and accessibility, visitors can easily navigate through the bank's offerings, gaining insights into how they can benefit from the available opportunities.

"The launch of the new website marks a significant step forward in our commitment to facilitating the growth and development of diverse segments within our community," CEO Paul V Azzopardi said. He added that "From established businesses to aspiring entrepreneurs and students, our schemes are designed to bridge market needs, particularly when traditional credit institutions are unable to carry the risk of financing on their own. This is particularly the case for investment in new and innovative economic niches which, at the same time, are fundamental for Malta’s renewed growth.”

The platform not only showcases the latest developments and information but also acts as a valuable resource centre, guiding users through the application processes and eligibility criteria for each scheme.

Businesses in diverse economic sectors can stand to benefit from these opportunities. In less than six years of its existence, the MDB has supported more than 700 businesses which employ some 40,000 persons, and more than 470 students, by facilitating over €600 million in favourable financing.

For more information about the Malta Development Bank and its schemes, please visit

04/09/2023 MDB
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