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Networking Symposium with the participation of 20 MEAINDEX collaborative partners

A Press Conference with the topic “MEAINDEX Destination Europe” was organised in the form of “MEAINDEX NETWORKING SYMPOSIUM, with the participation of top officials from 20 different entities which forms part of our local business ecosystem.

There was an hour of networking symposium between all entities present, whereby, they had the opportunity to share their ideas, how through MEAINDEX they can all contribute more, and work in more synergy to facilitate access of information, and enhance MEAINDEX success achieved so far.

MEAINDEX achieved good results whereby lately also won the eligibility to represent Malta during the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, scheduled to be held in Helsinki –Finland, next November.

The SME Helpdesk within the Malta Employers Association, lately competed in the National Enterprise Support Awards (NESA) organised by the Commerce Department, in collaboration with the Ministry for Economy, Investment and the small businesses, with the MEAINDEX initiative, and managed to clinch the first place in section B, Category 3- improving the business environment.

Anton Vella who was the driver behind this initiative welcomed this National recognition, and he is fully prepared to represent Malta at European Level with flying colours. He believes that this concept, and unique idea, how to amalgamate all entities which forms pART OF OUR business ecosystem in one single point of reference can easily be replicated throughout Europe.

The MEAINDEX initiative, is not just a unique online platform, but is also a networking fora, which is continuosly managing to gather under one roof key entities related the business ecosystem, whereby they are establishing a good working relations, while aborting the idea of working in silos, and opting to work hand in hand, with more synergy, and with the aim to continue to reduce excessive bureaucracy to the small and medium enterprises sector.

The online platform, which is a first on the Maltese Islands, incorporates a directory of all government and non-government entities and regulatory bodies, Associations related to the business community, NGOS, Educational institutions, Local Councils, and loads of other contacts.

It’s a one stop shop, single point of reference that inn line with the governments vision to adopt procedures of simplification to businesses, and complimenting the, and business first, MEAINDEX is continuing facilitating access for information, to get to know who’s offering what, easy access to ALL  150+ incentives, Grants, schemes, and tax-credits.

Besides one can easy access over than 2000 training programmes and courses related to the business sector. A comprehensive list of all recruitment agencies.

A checklist to assist a potential entrepreneur in the process of opening a business. A step by step what one should do, to comply with all rules and regulations, and a clear guidance about setting up a business procedure.

Access for 154+ MEA tv programmes, (3800 minutes of entrepreneurial material, with the participation of more than 300 business experts ) all already aired on our National tv station, which guides entrepreneurs , how they should act in different circumstances at the place of work.

participants 01

MEAINDEX is an online platform, which is open not only for Government  entities, but also for enterprises within the private sector, which offers services to the business community, and therefore it’s a source which incorporates all that is related to the business ecosystem, without leaving out important events, happenings and services which currently are being offered.

Today analytic information was disseminated while a way forward was spelled.

So far, the online platform had already 20,000 webpage hits, and 4,000 steady traffic of users.

61% of survey respondents, not only welcomed this MEAINDEX idea, but also expressed their intention to subscribe for free, to be kept alerted and updated with all development within our local business ecosystem.

MEA President- Ms Dolores Sammut Bonnici and MEA’s Director General – Joseph Farrugia also addressed the media.

Each and every MEAINDEX collaborative partner, who was present, was also presented with a certificate of collaboration. 

participants 03

Amongst Stakeholders present were:     


  • Jobsplus
  • MCA
  • MITA
  • Family Business Office
  • FSWS
  • Corporate Dispatch
  • Business first
  • MEIB
  • CRPD
  • Identity Malta
  • NSO
  • And others.
03/07/2019 MEA
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