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MEA awarded during the S.A.F.E. Programme Awards Ceremony 2019

On Friday 29th November 2019, the Malta Employers' Association was awarded with an appreciation momento, during the S.A.F.E.  Programme Appreciation Award Ceremony held at the St. James Cavalier Valletta. 

This award was given to MEA, following a collaboration agreement, which was signed months ago, through the  MEAINDEX online toolbox for business entrepreneurs, online digital platform, whereby as MEA we are strongly promoting the SAFE Programmes, amongst all our MEA members, in particular.

Sedqa believes that addictions undermine healthy and productive workspaces. Sedqa’s SAFE Programme promotes addictions free lifestyles whilst helping workers, managers and business owners foster healthy work environments eliminating stressors and helping with problem resolution.

In this year’s Award Ceremony held at St. James Cavalier, 31 entities were presented with a token of appreciation for participation in the S.A.F.E. Programme during the years 2018/2019. During the past 2 years a total of 225 preventive sessions were delivered reaching over 4300 employees from varying sectors including the gaming, services, banking, disciplined forces, retail, manufacture, hospitality, education, aviation and the construction industries. Other entities included also N.G.O.’s, government entities and an employment association. The ceremony also included a keynote speech addressed by Dr. Roberto Moretti from A.T.S. Bergamo regarding their Workplace Health Promotion Programme. Also A.B.B.S. Ltd. and Mater Dei Hospital kindly shared their testimonial highlighting their experience vis-à-vis the benefis of the S.A.F.E. Programme in improving awareness about dependencies and their effects on employees and their workplace.

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29/11/2019 sedqa
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