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MEAINDEX is an easy access online directory, where one can find the most useful contacts and references related to SME business ventures.

MEAINDEX incorporates Government entities that are related to business activities, all in one place, thus reducing bureaucracy, time and confusion when it comes to identifying which entity offers what.

MEAINDEX is a solid stepping stone for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs as it   enables them to move forward with a clear vision of the process involved in setting up a successful business.

By using MEAINDEX’s online directory, aspiring entrepreneurs can access a comprehensive list of all the different business licences that are recognised in Malta, as well as the respective responsible Licensing Authorities.

Start-ups can benefit from using MEAINDEX as an alternative to contacting various Government institutions to find out about current schemes, grants and incentives.

The MEA TV Programmes section on the MEAINDEX platform provides visual guides to various situations that aspiring entrepreneurs sometimes face when setting up their business in Malta.

Specific guidelines are available on the MEAINDEX platform regarding the employment of TCNs, as well as how to be compliant with local legislation when it comes to drafting contracts. These guidelines also advise on how to tackle the issue of family businesses’ governance and transferability, as well as other issues related to HR and employment. Guidance is also provided on the use of EU funds.

The MEAINDEX portal is a single point of reference for all business-related legislation, rules, regulations and national policies. It offers a fast track approach to finding the required information. One can learn about established associations and the NGOs related to them.

MEAINDEX offers a rich experience for scale-ups, by providing access to information related to EU’s DG Growth –inspiration, guidance, and current affairs, together with loads of entrepreneurial material related to SMEs.


This unique portal, within the MEA’s website, highlights MEA’s current services and initiatives, with regards to the SMEs sector on the Island. The portal also displays the SME helpdesk initiatives, and promotes the SME weekly and annual events.

MEAINDEX is the online portal which so far hosts:

  • All trade licencing authorities, together with all their respective licenses.
  • All local regulatory bodies.
  • All other Government entities related to business activity in Malta, including authorities, departments, agencies, directorates, units, corporations, companies and others.
  • A comprehensive list of associations, federations, foundations, chambers, colleges, commissions, unions, and others related to business activities.
  • An updated list of all schemes, grants, incentives, and other means of co-financing aid through specific programmes.
  • EU funds related connections.
  • A list of all legislations, rules and regulations, national policies related to education and work, national frameworks, and publications related to business in Malta.
  • All links to online local business directories.
  • A comprehensive list of important telephone numbers.

In addition, the portal is a source which links directly to current updates from the EU Commission, new MCA initiatives, MEA’s current initiatives, including the Maltese business story tool, and the MEA television programmes.

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