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Golden Words

This is what some successful European entrepreneurs has to say:

*quotes extracted from the secret of success publications, issued by the European Commission- enterprise and industry 

Arta Bazovska - VENTEKO LTD. from Latvia: 

“Enjoy the process itself, whatever You do, and the results will follow”.

Bostjan Sifrar - SIBO GROUP - from Slovenia:

"Enterprise is not an occupation, it is a way of life".

Josiane Jacob - JACOB &WEISS S.a.r.l. - from Luxembourg:

"Whatever you do, do it with the passion it deserves".

Ahmed Berzani - RAFTING VJOSA ALBANIA - from Albania:

"A satisfied customer is the best marketing our company can have".

Rennie Popcheva-Capri - EMBRIOO - from Bulgaria:

"Refuse to give up. Success comes step by step, glory by glory".

Laszlo Bodi - HALBO mce Zrt. - from Hungary:

"Smooth seas don't make skilful sailors".

Nathan Farrugia - ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - from Malta:

"Focus on moving forward with positive action and making an impact every day".

Maria Fermanelli - COSE DELL'ALTRO PANE S.R.L - from Hungary:

"Nothing is difficult for those who want it".

Dagmar Bollin-Flade - CHRISTIAN BOLLIN ARMATURENFABRIK GmbH - from Germany:

"Whatever happens in your life, never lose faith in yourself"

Ivo Boscarol - PIPISTREL d.o.o. Ajdodscina - from Slovenia:

“To be different always set the goals too high”.

Richard Cullen - THE JELLY BEAN FACTORY - from Ireland: 

“Think, plan, execute, follow your instincts and don’t give up”.

Peter Hartzbech - iMotions - EMOTION TECHNOLOGY A/S - from Denmark: 

“Keep hammering”.

Heather Gorringe - WIGGLY WIGGLERS - United Kingdom:

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm".

Veronica Hedenmark - VH ASSISTANS - from Sweden: 

“It’s only in a headwind that a kite can fly high into the sky”.

Costas Sisamos - ENGINO.NET LTD - from Cyprus: 

“Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground”.

Nikolay Todorov - "N.I.K. 2006" EOOD - from Bulgaria: 

“Never be satisfied with your achievements

Francisco Batista - CBI - INDUSTRIA DE VESTUARIO, SA - from Portugal

"Teamwork is the key to steady growth".

Arnold Braunsteiner - PLASMO INDUSTRIETECHNIK GmbH - from Austria:

"Winning together is better than losing alone".

Anu Karu - PROFESSIONAL WEAR GROUP - from Estonia:

"Do not try to be just successful, but also appreciated".

Carlos Polo - NTS - from Spain:

"Don't take life too seriously- you'll never get out alive!".

Doina Sicinschi - TURNOMEX PHEONIX - from Romania:

"Life can be understood looking backwords, but it must be lived looking forwards".

Toti Stefansson - MOBILITUS - from Iceland:

"Have fun with what you do".

Dilek Seker - SEKER HANIM NATURAL PRODUCTS - from Turkey:

"Everything starts with a dream ( if yoy don't dream, no dream can come true!) ".

Witold Grab -  POLSKIE PIEKARNIE SP - from Poland:

“Respect people- they create your success”…..

These golden words are coming from successful business people. If they did it, even YOU can do it!

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