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The online toolbox for business entrepreneurs


Kevin Paris – Business Doctors Malta.

“The concept is great and the user experience is also good. There is a lot of information, which is brilliant, I think that the MEAINDEX is more than great to go live as it is”.

Godfrey Kenely – GK Consultancy Management & Marketing

“I just saw the new MEAINDEX website. Well done! I think it’s brilliant. I think it is a very good concept and a very useful service for businesses especially SMEs. I like the name and its branding too”.

Caroline Grech - Environmental Health Practitioner Department for Health Regulation Environmental Health

“All our directorate wishes to congratulate you all for the hard work invested in the creation of MEAINDEX. A most valuable tool to aid the business sector”.

Martin Vella - Pantalesco

“The MEAINDEX not only shortens the road to business related solutions but is also straightens it out. What would normally be a daunting task involving significant and frustrating effort is simplified through the MEAINDEX service grouping. A one stop shop for all state related business requirements which brings all the related departments into one point of reference.”

Michael Mifsud  - Multigas Ltd. 

“Rapidly shifting economies and trends are propelling the need for instant information to support real-time fact finding and decision making. SMEs and budding entrepreneurs often lack the resources and time to grapple with the endless maze of public services that are essential for their business to thrive. MEAINDEX portal is a totally free online guide that manages to solve the seemingly impossible task of figuring out the shortest route to an otherwise complex network of local business facilities and solution avenues.”

Dolores Sammut Bonnici -  Green Skip  Services Ltd.

"So proud of all the work the MEA is doing for the entrepreneur. This kind of tool is the answer to the million questions that come up when one starts up a business. but not only is also a guiding path for any established business whatever the size or field. I am sure it will be used repeatedly , and I envisage very successfully , to the benefit of all entrepreneurs, and their precious time."

Kenny Muscat - MCAST, Deputy Director, Learning Support Unit, Curriculum Department

I have accessed the link below and I believe that this is an excellent tool for students taking Entrepreneurship, Business and Management”

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