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Setting up of an Enterprise Consultative Council

Consultation of stakeholders is one of the pillars of better regulation and is especially relevant to ensure that all legislation having an effect on the business environment has been discussed with the relevant sectors including small businesses. It is very important to have clear lines of communication between regulators and the business sectors and the Enterprise Consultative Council should provide this channel as well the means to carry out the consultations required in the SME Test (also through ad hoc sub committees or a Small Business Advisory Committee)

Although the Enterprise Consultative Council is not intended as an executive body and its opinions and findings are only recommendatory, Government can examine each of its recommendations with a view to implementing them if deemed necessary. Planning will be based on a constant flow of an interactive process between the Consultative Council on the one hand and the line ministries/departments on the other. This process will enhance and facilitate a top-down and bottom-up process

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