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The College of Regulators

The College shall be a consultative and advisory body to the Government through the Minister, having a distinct legal personality, and shall consist of the following:

A chairperson, to be appointed by the Minister; and

Fifteen members nominated by Government, representing the Government representatives on the constituted bodies, namely the Malta Financial Services Authority, the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority, the Customs Department, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, the Regulator for Energy and Water Services, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Malta Communications Authority, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the Malta Environment and planning Authority, the Department for Environmental Health, the Plant Health Directorate, the Veterinary Regulation Directorate, the Fisheries Control Directorate, the Medicines Authority and the Department of Commerce.

For more details about the College of Regulators refer to Article 13 (page 8) of the Small Business Act:

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