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Important Telephone Numbers

Accreditation Unit, Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE)25982492
Agenzija Appogg22959000
Agenzija Sapport22568210
Agenzija Sedqa23885110
Arts Council Malta23397000
Association of Anaesthesiologists Malta
Association of Insurance Brokers21235406
Association of Podiatrists of Malta
Association of Ship Agents22032319
Association of Speech-Language Pathologists21312888
Association of Surgeons of Malta99823852
Building Industry Consultative Council 22479300
Building Regulation Office22927891
Business first Ltd. 144
Caritas Malta2590 6600
Central Bank of Malta25500000
Childcare Centres Providers Association99207274
Civil aviation directorate 25555606
Civil Society Committee22003300
College of Stockbroking Firms21224 525
Commerce Department21242270, 21243071, 21226688
Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability22788555
Confederation of Malta Trade Unions
Customs Department25685110, 25685126
Data Protection Unit22478200
Dental Association of Malta21312888
Department of Contracts21220212
Department of fisheries and aquaculture22926888, 21558200
Department of Industrial and Employment Relations21224245/6
Department of Information22001700
Department of Local Government22002300
Design and Technology Educators Association Malta
Dun Mikiel Attard Young Adult Educational Resource Centre21573989, 21573244
Enemalta Corporation80072224
Environment and Resources Authority22923500
Environment Health Directorate21337333
EURES - European Employment Services (Malta) 80076505
Family Business Office22209524
Finance Malta21224 525
Forum Unions Maltin 2144 8542
Foundation of Church Schools27790060
Foundation of Information Technology Accessibility2599 2048
Foundation of Women Entrepreneurs21224900, 23331210
General Retailers and Traders Union2123 2881
General Workers Union 25679200
Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta
Gozo Business Chamber21550305
Gozo Channel 2210 9000
Gozo Regional Committee
Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation2248 2600
Health Care Standards Directorate25953328
Health Promotion and Desease Prevention Directorate23266000
Heritage Malta22954000
Housing Authority 80072232 / 22991000
Identity Malta 25904000
Independent Schools Association 21581907
Inland Revenue Department153,             22962296
Inspire20928100, 21636526
Institute of Financial Services Practitioners2569 6352
Jobs plus21654940
Junior Achievment Young Enterprise Malta Foundation21244991, 99794344, 79244991
Junior Chamber International Malta 79091984
Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat21553299; 21563547; 21564559
Koperattiva Kummerc Gust21244865
Koperattivi Malta21484835
Kordin business incubation centre 23980000
Leap 22588900
Life sciences park25420000
Lino Spiteri Foundation 22201761
Local Malta Office of the European Commission23425000
Malta Association  Hospitality Executives7922 7096
Malta Association  Occupational Therapists22092011
Malta Association of Audiologists99427448
Malta Association of Beauty Therapists99 469 463
Malta Association of Credit Management21423638
Malta Association of Family Enterprise22056286
Malta Association of Physiotherapists
Malta Association of Risk Management
Malta Association of the Councelling Profession
Malta Association of Women in Business99426238
Malta Association of Work and Organisation Psychology21896930
Malta Association Optomitrists99472959
Malta Association Small Shareholders
Malta Aviation Society9947 1429
Malta Bankers Association2141 2210 / 2141 0572
Malta Broadcasting Authority21221281
Malta Business & Profession Association(518) 288-8009
Malta Business Aviation Association99 445555
Malta Business Bureau21251719
Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry 2123 3873
malta chamber of psychologists
Malta Chiropractic Association2165 3773
Malta Communications Authority21336840
Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority23952000, 80074400
Malta Confederation of Women's Organisations79592626
Malta Crafts Council25690332
Malta Developers Association21228184
Malta Educational Research Association23402932, 23403058
Malta Emigrants Commission21222644, 21232545, 21240255
Malta Employers' Association21222992
Malta Enterprise25420000
Malta Fashion Association99498991
Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability99229418
Malta Federation of Professional Associations21312888
Malta Film Commission21809135
Malta Film Foundation
Malta Financial Services Authority21441155
malta freeport corporation21 650200 
Malta Funds Industry Association
Malta Gaming Authority25469000
Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association21318133
Malta Industrial parks 25420000
Malta Information Technology Agency21234710
Malta Institute of Management21456819
Malta Institute of Professional Photographers21486097 
Malta Insurance Association21232640
Malta Interior Design Association21330684
Malta Investment Management Co Ltd & MGI21497970
Malta literacy Agency 2598 2907
Malta Midwives Association77237117
Malta Police22942254, 21224001
Malta Police Association2123 2892
Malta Resources Authority21220720
Malta Society of Arts2124 4400
Malta Statistics Authority2599 7820
Malta Stock Exchange21244051
Malta Tourism Authority 22915275/6, 22915278
Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses21448542
Malta Union of Teachers21237815 / 21222663
Malta Union of Tourist Guides99245904
Malta Veterinary Association52502000
Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses
Management Efficiency Unit 22581455
Meat Sellers Association21380668
Medicines Authority23439000
Mental Health Association Malta79800080 
Merchant shipping directorate21250360
Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects22922000, 22927000
National Commission for Further and Higher Education23810000
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality25903850
National Council of Women Malta21248881, 21246982
National Employment Authority25982981/2
National Federation of NGOs of Malta
National Statistics Office25997000
Occupational Health and Safety Authority21247677/8
Office of the information and Data Protection Commissioner23287100
Office of the Prime Minister153
Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division22001142/3
Planning Authority22900000
Ports and yachting directorate21222203
Public Broadcasting Services ltd21225051 
Regulator for Energy and Water Services22955000, 22955200
Regulator for Energy and Water Services22955000, 22955200
Richmond Foundation21482336, 21480045
Small business support coordination unit within MEIB22209890
Social Security Department 153,             25903000
The Aquatic Sports Association2132 2884, 2132 2880
The Association of Podiatrists of Malta 
the Co-operatives Board21238588
The Federated Association of Travel & Tourism Agents21238614
The Foundation for Human Resources Development21313550
The Maltese Association of Social Workers
The Medical Association of Malta
The Office of the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy 22000000
The Professional Diving Schools Association of Malta
The Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Department22925100
Transport Malta21222203, 25608000
Union Haddiema Maghqudin2590 5000
Value Added Tax Department153,             21499330/4
Wasteserv malta ltd2385 8000
Water Services Corporation8007 6400
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